Akshay Jain

You have a parent component, in which you want to keep control of child component’s state, it is possible by replicating the child’s data in parent.

By passing a ref from parent component to child component.

For ref to work, child component should be wrapped in forwardRef.

Main Part
Whenever you update the child state, update that ref also at the same time.

With this done.
You have access to all the child states as it is also saved on the ref.



While developing projects, we may need to take help from other projects hosted on github.com. General procedure involves cloning the repository, because it is not easy to navigate through the files on github.com.

https://github.com/conwnet/github1s solves this simple issue of easing navigation through files in browser itself

Checkout below repo link


Instead of github.com it is github1s.com

You can easily navigate through any github public repository, by adding 1s after Github in the repo link