Getting comfortable Learning Online

Today most of the skills or learning we want to learn is available online and mostly free. I am sharing the strategy that I plan to use to be able to make best out of this opportunity

Two common problem student encounters are:

1. Feeling sleepy after watching video or studying blog for 10–15 minutes and feeling as if someone just suck up their whole energy

2. There is not enough motivation to continue learning whole series, as in after watching first few videos there is no motivation to continue further

Man is a social animal and Kathy Sierra of Head First Series explains that people get more engaged and active if they are in an interaction with another person, on this concept she made her book series quite interesting by putting relevant articles, images and tips to make the reader feel as if he/she is in conversation with someone

So an ACE strategy could be

1. Whatever learning I get from small nuggets of 10–20 minutes, write it down and share it with like-minded people on appropriate social platforms either Facebook, twitter, etc

2. If I get enough understanding or content, then will publish an appropriate and interesting post on either LinkedIn or Medium or on Word Press

3. For blog post or documentation I read, I have installed the chrome extension which helps to create a personalized web page by allowing me to put comments on the webpage or highlight certain points on the webpage which I feel are important so that anyone visiting that page can easily get that info or reply to my comments, if he has this extension installed

Above strategy can get following benefits

a. Those reading my posts might get benefitted and interested in the subject

b. If they comment, I get to know their understanding of the same topic

c. If the churning continues, we might end up with good image of the whole topic, which will stick to the brain for the rest of life

In my understanding if you take to above strategy you might feel yourself so involved in learning that others might feel you are on drugs

At Nagarro, we have a similar concept LSD (Learn Socialize Disrupt) where we believe learning through socialization is the key to foster new Innovative ideas

Nagarro organizes meetups, hackathons, sessions, workshops etc as a part of this initative

I love learning