Organizing Microsoft Teams meetings

When you send a meeting invite, do you try to host it under a relevant Teams channel?

If not!

Let’s see how it can make a more organized meeting experience!

1. Sending a meeting invite or holding a group call creates a new chat group for that meeting or group call to hold the relevant chat minutes

let a team of 6 members be called T6,

2. To discuss new [requirements/bug/solution] a member of T6 sends a meeting invite to random 4/6, as discussed in point 1, it will create a chat group.

3. Likely point 2 will repeat around 5 times a month thus 5 different chat groups created over a month and around 60 over a year! (isn’t it what statistics teach)

4. Take any ad-hoc organization of strength 600, thus 100 teams, creating 500 Microsoft Teams chat groups over a month, and 6000 a year

Main problem: Microsoft Teams Chat groups cannot be organized!

We are stuck up with chat minutes buried in 6000 different chat groups, remember it all started with an unreasoned meeting invite!

May I suggest that next time you send a meeting or holding a group call

5. Try to reason🤔 if you [have / can create] some channel under a Teams group, and hold your meeting in that channel.

How to schedule a meeting in a Teams channel

This way you have organized your discussions, and repeating point 5 you will keep building directed stream of discussions like below image

organized discussions in a Teams channel

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in comments for improved and organized collaboration over Microsoft Teams

However, there is a caveat, this works only for public channels of Teams

See hack to hold a meeting in a private channel