Organizing Microsoft Teams meetings

When you send a meeting invite, do you try to host it under a relevant Teams channel?

If not!

Let’s see how it can make a more organized meeting experience!

1. Sending a meeting invite or holding a group call creates a new chat group for that meeting or group call to hold the relevant chat minutes

let a team of 6 members be called T6,

2. To discuss new [requirements/bug/solution] a member of T6 sends a meeting invite to random 4/6, as discussed in point 1, it will create a chat group.

3. Likely point 2 will repeat around 5 times a month thus 5 different chat groups created over a month and around 60 over a year! (isn’t it what statistics teach)

4. Take any ad-hoc organization of strength 600, thus 100 teams, creating 500 Microsoft Teams chat groups over a month, and 6000 a year

Main problem: Microsoft Teams Chat groups cannot be organized!

We are stuck up with chat minutes buried in 6000 different chat groups, remember it all started with an unreasoned meeting invite!

May I suggest that next time you send a meeting or holding a group call

5. Try to reason🤔 if you [have / can create] some channel under a Teams group, and hold your meeting in that channel.

This way you have organized your discussions, and repeating point 5 you will keep building directed stream of discussions like below image

Does that look more organized?

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in comments for improved and organized collaboration over Microsoft Teams

However, there is a caveat, this works only for public channels of Teams

See hack to hold a meeting in a private channel

I love learning