Visual Studio Code Shortcuts Confusion

After getting lot of recommendation from people about using visual studio code, I shifted to it from sublime text with heavy heart. However, I could not get along with key board shortcuts.

For example when i wanted to open the file, then “ctrl+p” would sometimes not work although the keyboard shortcut reference page of vscode said “ctrl+p” is the key binding.

Same was the case with “ctrl+w”, sometimes it would close the current open file and sometime it will not.

In order to look deep, I used ctrl+shift+p, to open keyboard shortcuts page, there I found that “ctrl+p” was overloaded with three actions, namely “Trigger Parameter Hint” and “Navigate Next in Quick Open”

Not knowing which keybinding to put in place of ctrl+p for the above two actions, i just searched for the above two actions on the same page and to my surprise I found that these actions were bound to multiple keys. So in order to get ctrl+p rid of other two actions, I needed to remove its keybinding to the action

Simple way to do this is to click on edit icon of the keybinding and simply repeat the keybinding which already is there

For example: “Trigger Parameter Hint” was bind to “ctrl+shift+space” also, so I changed its another binding of namely “ctrl+p” to “ctrl+shift+space”. Thus I got a duplicate key binding with the duplicate one as created by user. Now how to remove this duplicate key binding. Go to file keybindings.json, using “ctrl+p” and remove that keybinding you just now created. Thus you are left with only “ctrl+shift+space” for “Trigger Parameter Hint”

I hope this helps resolve keyboard shortcut confusion in VS code

I love learning